2017 Atlantis Blue BMW M3 Gets the Protection!

Do you know the one best thing you can do to protect a new vehicle, and in this case a very special one?**Paint Protection Film!

We got the call about this special car, with the owner wanting complete protection in the form of a full Xpel Ultimate vehicle wrap. The vehicle below is a 2017 BMW M3 in Atlantis Blue.
As always, we start with a wash and decontamination of the surfaces to receive the film.
This process includes a de-greasing step, and iron removal step and also a light clay bar treatment. This ensures that the paint is ready for the film.
The owner had removed emblems, side grills, taillights and the gas door. This allows us to wrap inside these areas for a better finish.
Here we are applying the film to the full rear door.
The hood is done with a large, bulk, piece of film for a true custom approach.
Can you see the film?
The front bumper is a focal piece, care is taken to make it look invisible
Final shots. Fully protected from road debris, stains, bird droppings and light scratches. The perfect insurance for such a special vehicle.
Carolina Auto Image is Spartanburg South Carolina's location for vehicle appearance and protection. We are located very close to the BMW Performance Center for those customers wishing to have a custom wrap applied before heading home with their new BMW performance vehicle.
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