A Simple Solution To A Common Problem

How many people have had areas of a vehicle that they always seem to step on or scrape with something, or even hit?
Common occurrence, right?

Take for example the area on this Audi S5, right below the door. It looks like a small fin running along the edge.

The owner mentioned that he kept hitting the area when getting in and out of the vehicle and wanted to know if there was a way to protect it.
In comes PPF (Paint Protection Film), because film is abrasion resistant, it would be the most effective way to protect these areas.

Here we have the film applied, just prior to squeegeeing it down. We used a custom piece for this, because we wanted the best fit and finish.

Once the piece was in place, we custom trimmed so that the piece is virtually invisible.

Now this owner can have the peace of mind knowing that these areas will not give him any trouble in the future.
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