BMW Performance Center Delivery, What Now??

The day has arrived and you are traveling to pick up your new BMW. You have waited for this delivery for some time now. You picked each element of your new car down to the individual paint, and its time now to bring it home......But wait....

"How am I going to drive home and not get rock chips on my new car?"

It is an honest question and one that you should be having with yourself long before the delivery date arrives.

"What is the best option for protecting my new vehicle from rick chips, road debris, staining and light scratches?"

Doing a quick search online will find that many new BMW owners opt for paint protection film to cover their vehicles. Installed by a factory trained technician, this film is virtually invisible and will give the owner the impact resistance they are looking for.

In the case of Xpel, all you need to do is a quick location search to find an installer in your area...

"Okay, but I am picking my car up in Spartanburg and I am driving 800 miles back north."

"Then why not get Paint Protection applied to the BMW before you ever leave for home, with the Peace of Mind that comes with it?"

Carolina Auto Image is a short drive on I-85 North from the BMW Performance Center.
Before you make the trip to Spartanburg, call and we will discuss options and pricing so that you can know that your vehicle is protected.

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