The Frozen Paint Answer!! BMW M3

In 2013 BMW introduced three new colors to their Frozen paint option, White, Blue and Red.

Bringing only 150 total to the US shores makes for a unique opportunity if you find yourself able to pick one up.

All 2013 M3 Coupe Frozen Limited Editions included the following features:

BMW Individual Frozen Red, White, or Blue exterior paint
Competition Package including:
- Matte black 19” light alloy wheels - Electronic Damper Control - Lowered suspension (-10 mm) - Sport mapping for EDC and DSC - Premium Package - Black Extended Novillo leather with contrast stitching in exterior color on seats, headrests, door inserts, armrests, middle consoleicon1, and door pulls. Carbon leather trim with contrast stitching in exterior color
- High-gloss black kidney grilles - High-gloss black side gills - High-gloss black exhaust pipe tips - 6-speed manual transmission or DCT - Carbon fiber roof panel

Frozen paint is unique in that it is still a base coat (Color) with a clear coat, but in this case the clear coat is not "clear", so you still get the protective properties of a clear top coat only you get the visual look of a muted finish.

"The big issue is......"."

What happens when this finish gets a scuff or a rub?

Well, with a normal paint finish, a scuff could be machine polished to remove the scuff and Voila! you are back to shiny paint. In the case of a frozen paint job, however, you cannot polish it or it starts to change the finish back to a gloss like finish.

"So, what do you do?"

Well, you can live with it...Not Fun, or you can take it back to BMW to let them re-paint the area that is damaged....Again, not fun, or you can first protect it from said scuff.

"How would you do that?"

Cue Xpel Stealth!!!

From Xpel's Website:

"Built with the same elite self-healing and protective features as our XPEL ULTIMATE film, XPEL STEALTH comes in a satin finish that preserves matte paint in its showroom condition. Matte finishes are notoriously difficult to maintain and even harder to repair—even something as simple as touching up a rock chip. XPEL STEALTH not only prevents damage from road debris and bug acids but enables you to easily wash and dry your car without fear of changing the luster of the finish. Keep it standing out for the right reasons with paint protection designed specifically for the job — XPEL STEALTH. Matching the sheen of most factory matte paints, XPEL STEALTH disappears once applied, making it a perfect choice for transitioning between vulnerable areas on the front of the car to unprotected top surfaces. And just like XPEL ULTIMATE, swirl marks and light scratches disappear in a matter of minutes in the sun or the warmth of your garage."

So you get the protective aspects of Xpels Ultimate self healing film with the added look of the matte or frozen paint. It's honestly what we feel is the best option. You retain the look (And side note, the film actually feels more silky than the paint) and you also get the protective properties of the film.

This is exactly what Kristen and Bill did. They found one of the few Frozen Red M3s in the area and knew they wanted it. They had the same concern with the paint and Bill stated that he had already seen a scuff.
We ordered a sample sheet of the film to test the color difference and also the scuff hiding ability of the film.
We cleaned off the area with the scuff and applied the sample and the scuff was invisible, hidden by the film. We then took the sample to the side so that we could see the color difference. There was a slight sheen difference, so the decision was made to do a full body, semi-custom wrap to the entire painted area. This was to ensure, full coverage, and also as Bill stated, the insurance of knowing that the paint is protected all around.

Knowing that pieces needed to be removed, I called Nick Brenner from Lake Wylie Euro. Nick is of the same mindset that we are when doing work. So he set about to remove the pieces that we wanted to remove, in the safest way. He pulled the front bumper to remove the kidney grills. He removed the inner wheel wells to remove the side vents. The hood vents were also removed as well as all emblems and also the door handles.

While we had the bumper down, we noticed that a couple of hangers were missing as well as one just sitting in the lower valance. Nick took down the VIN number and said that he would get those pieces ordered.

We then set forth in wrapping the whole vehicle.
Here you can see where the rear bumper has been wrapped and the slight color difference to the rear quarter panel.
Now with the rear quarter also wrapped it looks uniform.
Here the door is wrapped
Finished product sitting on the lift. At this point, we decided to up the stakes and coat the entire vehicle with Modesta BC-08. What we found by doing this, was that the sheen of the original paint seemed to return and now, not only is the paint protected with film, the film is now protected with a long lasting Pure Glass coating that will make it so much easier to clean and maintain.
Here are some final shots once we put the wheels back on.

If you have a rare or unique vehicle that you want protected for the years to come and want the peace of mind in knowing that the paint will stay looking fresh and new, gives us a call today to discuss options.
We can provide extensive detailing services, to paint coatings, Paint protection film and window tint. We also will help educate you on the proper care of the vehicle to keep it looking great for years.

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