For Mom!

If you are fortunate enough to still have your mother in your life like we do, you want to help her out when ever possible. If you are fortunate enough to still have both of your parents, then doing something for both of them is just being a good son or daughter.

Mom and Dad are getting older and with Dad not being able to get around like he used to, mom thought it was time to change out her Toyota FourRunner for something a bit more practical for the two of them.
One that would make it easier to get in and out of and also be able to carry dad's wheel chair and or walker.

So they went on the search for a van. Being a long time Toyota fan, mom gravitated toward the Sienna.

2016 Toyota Sienna – Best Resale Value: Minivan/Van-Kelly Blue Book

Toyota Sienna Is a 2017 Edmunds Most Wanted Vehicle-Edmunds

2016 Toyota Sienna Was Named One of Kelley Blue Book's 16 Best Family Cars of 2016

As you can see, this van gets a lot of praise.
I can think back to maybe two or three vehicles in my lifetime of 42 years that my mom bought a color other than white. For some reason mom and dad both got hung up on white early in their dealings with Toyota, starting with an early Camry and then all the way up to this last FourRunner (One of two she had).

This time however, she wanted something a bit different. She went by Toyota of Greer and trader the FourRunner for a Silver Sienna, fully loaded.

I am not much of a van lover. Vans have always been utilitarian to me. I could see our company putting a mobile van on the road (Stay Tuned....that is actually in the works), but for an every day vehicle, I would rather have a truck or car.....That's just me.
That being said, after driving this van to the shop, my mind was opened a bit.
Let me explain.
This van drives like a car, and it should, since it shares a great deal of the same chassis as the award winning Toyota Camry. The amount of open windows makes for an almost unlimited field of view and its comfortable.

This leads us into what we decided to do with the vehicle. With it being new, we wanted to keep it looking that way and make keeping it clean an easier task. I wanted to wrap the full front end with Xpel Ultimate film for the rock chips and road debris, since the front end of this van covers a large space. I also decided to take the film up the A-pillars on each side of the front windshield and up to the sunroof across the front edge of the roof.
This coverage also gets the full hood, fenders, front bumper, mirrors and the chrome grill piece.
Once the film is taken care of and edges are wrapped for a cleaner install, I wanted to protect the paint with a long lasting coating which will make it easier to keep clean and will not need to be waxed every couple of months.
I decided on Modesta's new Silica Matrix coating, BC-08. All of Modesta's coatings are designated by numbers and the BC, typically meaning "Body Coat".

The process for all new vehicles starts the same:
Deep cleaning of wheels and tires
Foam with citrus based pre-treatment to remove oils and any dealer applied sealant or wax
Hand wash using the two bucket method
Iron and Fallout removal
Light Clay treatment
Access the Paint
Polish accordingly
Oil removal pre-wipe
Infrared Cure

In the case of this particular van, the paint was in great shape, to the point that we went straight to the Modest Primer Polish (P-01A) and allowed that to cure overnight before coating the next day.
As a final step, we apply Modesta's M1 Shot, which is a topper for the coating before it leaves the shop. This will protect the coating while it continues to cure to full strength.

We also coated the wheel faces with BC-09, the front two seats with the Modesta Leather protection system, and we coated the front windshield with Dr. Beasley's Glass Serum
Enjoy the pictures!
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